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Writer, Model, Part-Time Blonde, Full-Time Weirdo

Written by Lenore. Posted in News

I'm a girl who accidentally ended up on TV. I went from being a weird nobody (something I'd been for a long while), who dreamed of being a forensic scientist, to tattooed red carpet reporter in a matter of months. That's where it all started and my life began to go a different way to what I had imagined.

Now, a good way down the line, I write for (almost) a living. This is my website. It is still under construction. It contains all the parts of my life relevant to being Lenore, and a bunch of stuff that has no point whatsoever, but that I find amusing. There will be a selection of my modeling pictures, reviews I have done for my own pleasure, as well as ones done at the request of an actual publication. I might also share things I like, but will try to keep the number of cat pictures to a minimum (their names are Dexter and Morgan by the way, you better learn this now, they are likely to pop up everwhere). Any links I post, or brands etc I link to are not paid. I do it because they are services I use or things I think are cool/weird or my friends (who are sometimes the previous two).